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Dates oraux d’anglais à Mathias : (en général première ou deuxième semaine de juin)

Date de l’écrit : (en général mi-mai) sujet tertiaire généraliste en deux parties : compte rendu en français et exercise d’expression en anglais

Référentiel des épreuves d’anglais et grilles de notation

Sujet écrit mai 2022

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vocabulaire du secteur tertiaire

les chiffres, les nombres, la monnaie…

les erreurs classiques à ne plus faire, en particulier pendant un exam !

Friday, November 24th

From the Guardian:

  1. ‘Huge egos are in play’: behind the firing and rehiring of OpenAI’s Sam Altman
  2. The OpenAI meltdown will only accelerate the artificial intelligence race
  3. OpenAI ‘was working on advanced model so powerful it alarmed staff’

Tuesday, November 20th

Sujet écrit mai 2022

Friday, November 17th

Sujet écrit mai 2022

Tuesday, October 17th

(mock oral exam) +

WIRED is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. Owned by Condé Nast, it is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and has been in publication since March/April 1993. Several spin-offs have been launched, including Wired UK, Wired Italia, Wired Japan, and Wired Germany.

From its beginning, the strongest influence on the magazine’s editorial outlook came from founding editor and publisher Louis Rossetto. With founding creative director John Plunkett, Rossetto in 1991 assembled a 12-page prototype, nearly all of whose ideas were realized in the magazine’s first several issues. In its earliest colophons, Wired credited Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan as its “patron saint”. Wired went on to chronicle the evolution of digital technology and its impact on society.

Wired quickly became recognized as the voice of the emerging digital culture and a pace setter in print design. It articulated the values of a far-reaching “digital revolution” driven by the instant, cost-free reproduction and global transmission of digital information (from Wikipedia).

Here you may download October’s issue in PDF format, browse through it and chose one or several articles to read more in depth.

Friday, October 13th

I fed ChatGPT the following prompt derived from subject 1 :

The following is an English exam subject for French IT students, prepare the answers: The company you work for wants to become “smart”. Your manager asks you for advice.
The basic questions to answer are:
What are smart technologies?
What are their advantages?
What are their drawbacks?
The documents you are given for this exam is an advert for TP-link smart bulbs lb1xx series, a short video entitled “a day in the life of a smart space” by Cisco Meraki and the following text from Scarlett Evans published in on January 13, 2023: Taiwan Launches $1.5M Smart City Infrastructure Project ………….


1. What are smart technologies?

Smart technologies refer to the integration of advanced digital capabilities, often utilizing sensors, connectivity, and artificial intelligence (AI), to enhance the functionality and efficiency of various systems. These technologies are designed to collect, analyze, and utilize data intelligently, enabling automation, improved decision-making, and a more responsive and interconnected environment.

2. What are their advantages?

a. Efficiency and Automation: Smart technologies streamline processes, automate repetitive tasks, and optimize resource utilization, leading to increased efficiency.

b. Data-Driven Decision Making: The integration of sensors and AI enables organizations to make informed decisions based on real-time data, fostering better planning and resource management.

c. Improved Connectivity: Smart technologies facilitate seamless communication between devices, leading to enhanced connectivity and coordination in various domains.

d. Enhanced User Experience: Users benefit from increased convenience and personalization, as smart technologies adapt and respond to individual preferences.

e. Environmental Sustainability: In certain applications, such as the smart city infrastructure mentioned in the provided text, these technologies can contribute to sustainability efforts by optimizing resource usage and reducing environmental impact.

3. What are their drawbacks?

a. Security Concerns: The reliance on interconnected devices raises cybersecurity risks, with the potential for unauthorized access, data breaches, and other cyber threats.

b. Privacy Issues: Smart technologies often involve the collection and analysis of personal data, raising concerns about privacy and the ethical use of information.

c. Cost and Implementation Challenges: The initial investment required to implement smart technologies can be significant. Additionally, integrating these technologies into existing infrastructure may pose challenges.

d. Technological Dependence: Organizations may become heavily reliant on smart technologies, making them vulnerable to disruptions in case of system failures, technical glitches, or cyber attacks.

e. Job Displacement: Automation, a key component of smart technologies, can lead to job displacement in certain industries, impacting employment opportunities for certain skill sets.

The provided documents illustrate the practical application of smart technologies in a smart city infrastructure project in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, showcasing the potential benefits in terms of connectivity, efficiency, and improved services.

October 10th , 6th, and 3rd

prepare an oral mock exam, choose one subject:

subject 1 + video 1

subject 2 + video 2

subject 3 + video 3

subject 4 + video 4

subject 5 + video 5

Friday, September 29th

work placement report = oral

Exercise tenses

Tuesday, September 26th

work placement report = oral

Exercise tenses

Friday, September 22nd

Bristol University students talking about their work placements :

Hannah / Ali / Oliver / Yasmin

Tuesday, September 19th

work placement report

Friday, September 15th

exam special (see above)

Tuesday, September 12th

work placement report

Friday, September 8th

work placement report

Tuesday, September 5th

Write a 500 word work placement report (+/- 10%). Use this document as a guideline and don’t forget to go into some technical details when you mention your project. This is some preliminary research for an oral which will take place in a couple of weeks.