Carrie Reichardt

WATCH the video, once without the subtitles and then a second time with the subtitles activated.

LOOK at the following pictures:

CHOOSE one picture. Build up some notes to prepare a presentation (description, reaction, analysis, personal thoughts etc.) You may work in pairs today, but you each need to write down your own notes.

Useful vocabulary:

Ceramic tiles / street art / street artist / irony / ironic / pun or play on words /

Verbs: to create / to design / to expose (dénoncer)

structures (complete worksheet here):


At HOME you will record your presentation using your mobile phone (or a computer with a microphone) and Vocaroo.


COPY the address of the Vocaroo audio file using the icon shown by the black arrow and then PASTE it into this contact form to SEND it to me.

More info :