TSTMG1 2023/24

Thursday, September 21st

Slides : Waiting for the bus 

Wednesday, September 19th

An overview of the English Tense System

10h30 class photo!

Thursday, September 14th

  1. Word formation
  2. Compound adjectives
  3. Compound nouns
  4. False friends

Wednesday, September 13th

Reading Tartan, a short-story by George Mackay Brown.

Visualizing the scene by drawing elements. The scene takes place in the north of Scotland, near Durness and it looks like this when the weather is good!

Thursday, September 7th

  1. Howlers – most common mistakes to avoid
  2. numbers and figures (to train yourself at home use this)
  3. useful vocabulary

Wednesday, September 6th

General introduction and a short history of the English Language.

=> homework: watch the video