TSTMG1 21/22

Tuesday, November 16th

Use these handouts as reference : Simple Tense Chart / Complete Tense Chart

  1. https://www.englishclub.com/esl-quizzes/grammar-3-for-since.htm
  2. http://englishmaven.org/HP6/Present%20Tense%20Final%20Exam.htm
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  9. http://examtimequiz.com/english-aptitude-test-on-tenses/

Friday, November 12th

An overview of the English Tense System

HOMEWORK to be handed in by Friday, November 12th

To watch The Circle, follow this link!

The aim behind watching The Circle (the link opens to IMDB.com – the American equivalent of AlloCiné.fr) is to write a film review about it, here you may find a few tips about writing a film review. This review (250 words +/- 10% – please indicate it) is to be handed in the week after the Autumn holidays, simply paste the text in my contact page).

Friday, October 22nd

An overview of the English Tense System

Friday, October 15th

Written comprehension TEST : another extract from Trevor Noah’s book, do the exercise below and re-read the 2 other extracts.

Listen carefully to the following sound file and do the fill in the blanks exercise.

you need to work with 2 windows side-by-side (one for the sound, the other for the exercise, or you may listen to the sound file on your smartphone. Once you have finished you may take a look at the correction.

Friday, October 8th

Listen carefully to the following sound file.

The British Empire at its peak in 1921

Friday, October 1st

What we have here is an extract from Trevor Noah’s autobiography entitled “Born a Crime”.
2The setting of this autobiography is South Africa.
3The events described in this extract occurred during the time when Apartheid was in place in South Africa.
4The main characters depicted are Trevor Noah and his parents, Patricia and Robert.
5The main topic here is the racist political regime that was put into place in South-Africa in the second half of the 20th Century.
6The first part from line 1 to line 9 concerns Trevor Noah himself and the circumstances of his birth in a country which prohibits relations with a person of another race.
The second one from line 10 to line 16 explains why giving birth to a mixed person is a crime in a society built on institutionalized racism.
The third paragraph from line 17 to line 34 is focused on the historical evolution of the segregative system in South Africa.
The last paragraph from line 35 to line 55 deals with the insanity of the enforcement of these new laws. There were special police squads to control and prevent sexual relations between people of different races. These police squads were violent and treated differently white and black people. And finally Trevor Noah explains that it didn’t prevent his fearless mother to do what she wanted, that is having a mixed child with a white man.
7By writing his autobiography Trevor Noah wants to explain Apartheid and to make us understand what it truly was.
8What strikes me the most about this autobiography is its title “Born a Crime” and the fact that Trevor’s parents were considered criminals for having given birth to him.
9Apartheid reminds me of slavery and segregation in The USA.
10To conclude Apartheid was one of the worst case of institutionalized racism, fortunately it came to an end in 1994, but it must be remembered.

HOMEWORK => Wednesday, September 29, fill in the following form about the extract from chapter 2 from Trevor Noah’s book.

Friday, September 24th

Friday, September 10th

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (Axe 1 identity & Exchange)

Friday, September 3rd

General introduction

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (Axe 1 identity & Exchange)