SISR 2022/23

<Exam Special>

Dates oraux d’anglais à Mathias : (en général première ou deuxième semaine de juin)

Date de l’écrit : (en général mi-mai) sujet tertiaire généraliste en deux parties : compte rendu en français et exercise d’expression en anglais

Sujet écrit mai 2022

Sujets oral 2022 : from 1 to 8

vocabulaire du secteur tertiaire

les chiffres, les nombres, la monnaie…

</Exam Special>

Tuesday, March 21st

Getting ready for the exam: Why do I need a Website + video

Tuesday, March 14th

Using OpenAI ChatGPT, feed it the following prompt (copy and paste) and enjoy the conversation:

Hello I am a French IT student and I would like you to have a professional conversation with me in English. Ask me simple questions, one at a time, and in a separate paragraph correct my answers as well as suggest ways to improve them.

Friday, March 3rd

Write about 5 sentences describing your latest professional experience.

If you have an OpenAI Chat GPT account use it with the following prompt, followed by your sentences.

The following text was written by a French student, turn it into simple and proper English and in a second part explain some of the language mistakes: 

Tuesday, February 28th

Preparing the exam with some AI help

Friday, February 24th

Getting ready for the oral exam: e-waste + video

Tuesday, February 21st

  1. video + article

2. another article on the same topic :

3. this article is interesting because it contains a lot of vocabulary which you may use for the exam.

video featured in:

4. a last video about tech trends, so that you remenber the word TREND and think about using it during the exam (written, oral or both!)

video featured in:

Friday, December 16th

Friday, December 9th

Use this form to write about BOTH texts below:

H&M, fast fashion and the environment

McDonald’s Canada to remove single-use plastic from restaurants

Tuesday, December 6th

online English Quizzes @ l’ETUDIANT magazine

Friday, December 2nd

BBC Learning English – Big Business – International Law – What is a multinational?

Tuesday, November 29th

Sujets oral BTS CG 2021, des sujets typiques des BTS tertiaires qui donne une bonne idée des thèmes du sujet d’écrit

Friday, November 25th

Tales of The Jedi (Season 1)

Friday, November 18th

Bruno (Ransomware) / Thomas (Ransomware) / Matis (MFA)

Tuesday, November 8th

Choose 1 among the following subjects and get ready for a mock oral exam:

Friday, November 18th: Bruno (Ransomware) / Thomas (Ransomware) / Matis (MFA)

Tuesday, November 22nd: Gabin (MFA) /Romain V (Ransomware) / Romain L (Metaverse)

Tuesday, November 29th: Jean-Emilien Cybersecurity)

Friday, October 21st

After the autumn holidays we will conduct a series of mock oral exams based on the following subjects

Tuesday, October 18th

videos about some recurring themes at the exam

Green Computing


Choosing an OS for your computer

Tablets versus Laptops

Friday, October 14th

Write about the picture below using this form (adapted from the handout “how to talk about any document“) and some vocabulary help.

Tuesday, October 11th

some reading material, browse and choose to focus on one magazine or booklet

Tuesday, October 4th and Friday, October 7th

Oral exam : subject 2 + video 2

Prepare the presentation and send it to me via email at

Friday, September 30th

Writing a letter of complaint

Monday, September 26th

Lost in translation

=> imitate those structures to coin similar sentences in an IT context and send them to me using the contact form.

Friday, September 23rd

Use the following form to comment upon this text.

Tuesday, September 20th

Friday, September 16th

Getting ready :

=> useful vocabulary and ideas to play your role during the exam => prepare a list of phrases to remember for the exam

Tuesday, September 13th

Email me ( your account of your work placement (GB) / internship (US) by the end of the class. You my find some inspiration in the following handout:

Friday, September 9th

Prepare a detailed account of your work placement (GB) / internship (US) to be able to explain to me what you did and where, with the main focus on your project. Be ready to talk for about five minutes and to answer a couple of questions.

Tuesday, September 6th

Oral exam, subject 1 + video 1

Friday, September 2nd

Written exam from May 2022. “Wait, Why Are Manhole Covers Round?” by Mirel Zaman, from