English Tech T. 21/22

  • Pas de diaporama
  • OK pour des notes mais limitez la lecture à quelques cirations
  • Prise de parole entre 3 et 6 minutes
  • On vous posera 1 ou 2 questions pour approfondir le sujet
  • N’oubliez de développer une problématique c’est à dire nous expliquer ce que cette organisation a de particulier et de ne pas faire une simple liste de caractéristiques.

Now choose any organization which you feel you can talk about in English.

FBI (an administration)

WWF (an NGO)

Nike (a company)

Search the web in English (using English from the start enables you to build some sentences instead of translating) to be able to talk about an organization for a few minutes. Don’t use Google which is mainly going to give you results in French, but try another search engine called Duckduckgo which can be easily switched to another language and location => https://duckduckgo.com/settings

Bear in mind that your goal is to find talking points which are relevant to your management class.

some background info and vocabulary

1. What is an Organization?
2. What Makes Each Organization Unique
3. How They’re the Same: They’re Systems
4. Basic Overview of Life Cycles in Organizations
5. Basic Overview of Organizational Culture
6. Legal Forms and Traditional Structures of Organizations


  1. Trade and commerce
  2. Numbers and Figures
  3. Basics with Brian