CG1 2022/23

Friday, November 25th

The oral presentation will take place as a one to one session with the teacher and will start after the Xmas holidays.

  • something you like
  • something you know about
  • something which can be talked about in English
  1. => search the web IN ENGLISH for information and vocabulary,
  2. Google is mainly going to give you results in French, try another search engine called Duckduckgo which can be easily switched to another language and location =>
  3. => compile a long list of elements (nouns, adjectivesVERBS, phrases, sentences etc. Store this list ONLINE.
  4. => prepare your presentation using the collected material
  5. => you may bring some pictures or a very short video clip on your phone (but no slides, there are no slides during the exam)
  6. => you need about 300 words to talk for a few minutes.

Tuesday, November 22nd

McDonald’s Canada to remove single-use plastic from restaurants

Friday, November 18th

The modals, online exercises:

Exeercise 1 to 3 are very basic, do them only if you want to revise the basics!

  1. Exercise 1
  2. Exercise 2
  3. Exercise 3
  4. Exercise 4
  5. Exercise 5
  6. Exercise 6
  7. Exercise 7
  8. Exercise 8
  9. Exercise 9

The modals (the simple chart needs to be completed with elements from the exercises and the complete chart below)

Tuesday, November 15th

H&M, fast fashion and the environment

Tuesday, November 8th

Reformulez les phrases anglaises suivantes en employant un auxiliaire de modalité.

1. Certainly, Tina knows that smoking is forbidden

=> She MUST KNOW that smoking is forbidden.

2. Certainly, Tina knew that smoking was forbidden.

=> Tina MUST HAVE KNOWN that smoking was forbidden.

3. It is possible that Tina didn’t know that smoking was forbidden.

4. The Masked Avengers were probably the best band at the concert.

5. Brian forgot his own address. That’s incredible.

6. Perhaps she is right after all.

7. It is probable that the fire started in the kitchen.

Friday , October 21st

Watch the two videos below and write a concise presentation for each, you may also collect some vocabulary and phrases (expressions) which you find interesting and useful.

Tuesday, October 18th

Build sentences using the proper tense

1. holidays / on / be / Durrells / the

2. on / be / Corfu / they

3. they /a / large / live / villa/ in

4. receive / they / a / letter

5. a / it / long / be / letter

6. great / be / from / Aunt / Hermione / it

7. and / she / come /want / to / with / stay / them

8. not / she / in / good / be / health

9. advise / a / doctors/ her / climate / warm


1.The Durrells were on holidays.

2.They were on Corfu.

3.They were living in a large villa.

4.They received a letter.

5.It was a long letter.

6.It was from great Aunt Hermione.

7.She wanted to come and stay with them.

8.She was not in good health.

9.Her doctors (had) advised a warm climate.

Build one long sentence out of all these short ones, using: as / while / because / who and commas.

Possible solution: While the Durrells were on holidays on Corfu, living in a large villa, they received a letter from great Aunt Hermione who wanted to come and stay with them because her doctors had advised a warm climate as she was not in good health.

Friday, October 14th

Write about the picture below (dated October 11th) using this form.

Tuesday, October 11th

using the handout “how to talk about any document

Friday, October 7th

you need to work with 2 windows side-by-side (one for the sound, the other for the exercise, or you may listen to the sound file on your smartphone)

The Bear and The Dragon by Tom Clancy – American accent + extract from a spy novel – you may download the mp3 file or listen to it directly below.


Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – British accent – extract from the first chapter of the first volume – you may download the mp3 file or listen to it directly below.

Tuesday, October 4th

Oral exam subject : Can Dress Code Be Discriminatory?

Friday, September 30th

Use these handouts as reference : Simple Tense Chart / Complete Tense Chart


Tuesday, September 27th

Translate focusing on the proper tenses

Friday, September 23rd

Take some notes while doing the exercise, don’t write EVERYTHING but write SOMETHING!

  1. Word formation
  2. Compound adjectives
  3. Compound nouns
  4. False friends

Tuesday, September 20th

an overview of the English tense system :

Friday, September 16th Gr.A&B

Source : The Telegraph

Describe the picture using this form (adapted from the handout “how to talk about any document“)

Tuesday, September 13th

Oral exam subject example : How Smartphones Impact Productivity

Friday, September 9th Gr.A&B

  1. Howlers – most common mistakes to avoid
  2. numbers and figures (to train yourself at home use this)
  3. useful vocabulary

Tuesday, September 6th

General introduction and a short history of the English Language.

Friday, September 2nd

General introduction and a short history of the English Language.

=> homework: watch the video