BTS SISR 21/22

<Exam Special>

Dates oraux d’anglais à Mathias : 7 juin après midi / 8 juin matin / 8 juin après-midi

Date de l’écrit : mardi 17 mai, 10h-12h sujet tertiaire généraliste en deux parties : compte rendu en français et exercise d’expression en anglais

Sujets zero épreuve orale BTS SIO

vocabulaire du secteur tertiaire

les chiffres, les nombres, la monnaie…

</Exam Special>

Wednesday, May 4th

picoCTF, a free computer security education program

=> picoGym is a noncompetitive practice space where you can explore and solve challenges from previously released picoCTF competitions

Monday, May 2nd

Sujets zero épreuve orale BTS SIO

Wednesday, April 13th

Use this form to comment upon the picture above (the form is based on this worksheet).

Monday, April 11th

What other operating systems are there besides Windows or Mac?

Chrome OS is a Un-Appreciated Masterpiece

Wednesday, March 30th

Have a look at these articles which were used for an oral exam but are relevant to the topics of your NEW written exams

Monday, March 28th

Brush-up your grammar, choose some items either from Beginner to pre-intermediate or from Intermediate to upper intermediate.

Wednesday, March 23rd

Sujet d’écrit, BTS tertiaires 2019 et corrigé

Monday, March 21st

videos about some recurring themes at the exam

Green Computing


Choosing an OS for your computer

Tablets versus Laptops

Monday, March 14th

Howlers => ces erreurs récurrentes qui font hurler les correcteurs. Si vous faites certaines de ces erreurs, notez-les, de manière à vous créer une liste d’erreurs à ne plus refaire. Une liste de ce genre est particulièrement utile pour se relire lors d’un devoir, ou fournit aussi une liste d’expressions intéressantes à placer lors d’un oral (ou d’un écrit) pour impressionner l’examinateur.

Work placement oral presentations

Wednesday, March 9th

Writing a letter of complaint

Work placement oral presentations

Monday, March 7th

Start with the test here.

Work placement oral presentations

Wednesday, March 2nd

=> see February 28th and if you are ready, take a look at what is below)

The Second Renaissance Part I & II, (no subtitles in this version but the transcript is here) from the Animatrix, a prequel to the Matrix trilogy, take also a look at The Three Laws of Robotics which are very relevant to this subject.

It is also a good opportunity to ponder this quotation by Stanley Kubrik the director of 2001: A Space Odyssey, a famous science fiction film from 1968 based on the writings of Arthur C. Clarke.

One of the fascinating questions that arises in envisioning computers more intelligent than men is at what
point machine intelligence deserves the same consideration as biological intelligence. Once a computer
learns by experience as well as by its original programming, and once it has access to much more
information than any number of human geniuses might possess, the first thing that happens is that you
don’t really understand it anymore, and you don’t know what it’s doing or thinking about. You could be
tempted to ask yourself in what way is machine intelligence any less sacrosanct than biological
intelligence, and it might be difficult to arrive at an answer flattering to biological intelligence.
in Stanley Kubrick Directs, 1971.

Monday, February 28th

For next week prepare a detailed account of your work placement to be able to explain to me what you did and where, with the main focus on your project. Be ready to talk for about five minutes and to answer a couple of questions.

Wednesday, December 15th

Le dossier et les instructions concernent un oral de 20 minutes, nous allons le transformer en un écrit de 55 minutes.

1) Présentation en anglais de l’analyse du dossier

(120 words +/- 10% – in English)

2) Rédaction d’un email au manager donnant des conseils à propos du sujet décrit dans la mise en situation.

(120 words +/- 10% – in English)

dossier :

video du dossier :

Utilisez le formulaire de contact pour faire un copié-collé de votre travail en fin d’heure et me l’expédier.

Tuesday, December 7th

Make a detailed list of specifications (specs) for each of these 7 gadgets and send it to me.

Wednesday, December 8th

  1. some interesting elements regarding Monday’s activity =>
  2. a kind of follow-up about “green IT”
YouTube player

2. Browse until you find a long article that catches your attention and read it!

Monday, December 6th

  • sujet ORAL zero n°2 (PDF – 426 ko)
  • => part 2

    Wednesday, December 1st

    Send me part 1 in a written format

    ressources : fiche d’aide à la présentation de documents

    Monday, November 22nd and Wednesday, 24th

    Compilez une liste d’expressions et d’éléments à utiliser lors de l’examen à partir de ces conseils pour newbies :

    YouTube player

    Monday, November 15th and Wednesday 17th

    26 Computers and Internet Magazines (October 2021) choose one to download and read

    + oral presentations

    Monday, November 8th and Wednesday 10th,

    26 Computers and Internet Magazines (October 2021) choose one to download and read

    + oral presentations

    Wednesday, October 20th

    l’examen oral

    Monday, October 18th and Wednesday, 13th

    Choose a subject for an oral personal presentation (after the autumn holidays) :

    • something you like
    • something you know about
    • something related to new technologies (doesn’t ned to be specifically about computers and computing)
    • something which can be talked about in English
    1. => search the web IN ENGLISH for information and vocabulary,
    2. Google is mainly going to give you results in French, try another search engine called Duckduckgo which can be easily switched to another language and location =>
    3. => compile a long list of elements (nouns, adjectivesVERBS, phrases, sentences etc. Store this list ONLINE.
    4. => prepare your presentation using the collected material
    5. => you may add some pictures or a very short video clip (but no slides) to help your audience focus and understand
    6. => you need about 300 words to talk for a few minutes.

    Wednesday, October 6th

    Check the script of the drone video if you haven’t done so yet.

    Take some notes while doing the following exercises, don’t write EVERYTHING but write SOMETHING! If you find an exercise too easy, just jump to the next one, if you are bored, tell me 🙂

    1. Word formation
    2. Compound adjectives
    3. Compound nouns
    4. False friends

    Monday, October 4th

    Let’s fly!

    Watch the video below and in another window do the “fill in the blanks” exercise

    At the end of the class I will give you the password to this link to the video with subtitles (dronesarefun).

    Wednesday, September 29th

    Describe the picture above by filling in this form.

    Monday, September 27th

    1. Watch the following video (watch the video once WITHOUT the subtitles (CC = closed captioning), then a second time WITH the subtitles. If the video is still difficult to understand, you may download the CC using and then copy and paste the text to
    YouTube player

    2. read the article from which the video was extracted and take notes about IoT.

    Wednesday, September 22nd

    you need to work with 2 windows side-by-side (one for the sound, the other for the exercise, or you may listen to the sound file on your smartphone)

    The Bear and The Dragon by Tom Clancy – American accent + extract from a spy novel – you may download the mp3 file or listen to it directly below.


    Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling – British accent – extract from the first chapter of the first volume – you may download the mp3 file or listen to it directly below.

    Monday, September 20th

    Translation & Tenses

    Wednesday, September 15th

    about MKBHD

    YouTube player
    YouTube player
    YouTube player

    Monday, September 13th

    Use these handouts as reference : Simple Tense Chart / Complete Tense Chart


    Tuesday, September 7th

    An overview of the English Tense System

    Monday, September 6th

    1. General introduction
    2. Référentiel BTS SIO complet à télécharger
    3. l’examen oral
    4. la fiche de notation à l’examen oral
    5. un sujet type

    Getting ready :

    => useful vocabulary and ideas to play your role during the exam => prepare a list of phrases to remember for the exam