BTS CG1 – 2019/20

Wednesday, January 22nd

Suits, a tv series – episode 1, season 1 (definition of the word “suit”).

Friday, January 17th

Quizzes about your relationship to technologies:

The quizzes are not interesting in themselves but they offer plenty of useful vocabulary and colloquialism often used to talk about the use of technologies in the office which is a common theme in the texts of the exam, so take notes!

Wednesday, January 15th

From the word to the paragraph.

1. Durrells / the / holidays / on / be
2. Corfu / they / on / be
3. They /a / large / live / villa/ in
4. receive / they / a / letter
5. a / it / long / be / letter
6. Hermione / it / great / be / from / Aunt
7. and / she / come /want / to / with / stay / them
8. not / she / in / good / be / health
9. advise / a / doctors/ her / climate / warm

1.The Durrells were on holidays.
2.They were on Corfu.
3.They were living in a large villa.
4.They received a letter.
5.It was a long letter.
6.It was from great Aunt Hermione.
7.She wanted to come and stay with them.
8.She was not in good health.
9.Her doctors (had) advised a warm climate.

make one long sentence out of all these short ones, using:

as / while / because / who / commas

Friday, January 10th GrA&GrB

you may also use this time (some or all) to send again your work about The Circle via this new contact page.

Translate these CVs and Résumés into French and write down the interesting vocabulary. Use and try to avoid automated translations to properly think about what you read and write.

  1. Accounting Assistant Résumé
  2. Accounts Clerk Résumé

Wednesday, January 8th

With my very best wishes for 2020.

Why Study Accounting

Friday, December 20th + HOMEWORK

To watch The Circle with English and/or French Subtitles, click here.

Write a review about The Circle (2017) – 300 words (+/- 10%)

  1. The good review about The Circle
  2. The bad review about The Circle
  3. Use this worksheet as a guideline
  4. Don’t forget your personal view about the film and about the issues raised by the film too!
  5. Send me the results by December 30th => copy and paste in the form here.

Print-Friendly versions

Wednesday, December 18th

The Circle (2017)

Friday, December 13th Gr. A & B

DJI Mavic drone, a fill-in the blanks exercise with a video.

Wednesday, December 11th

The Circle (2017)

Friday, December 6th – Gr. A&B

Use these handouts as reference : Simple Tense Chart / Complete Tense Chart


Wednesday, December 4th

Translate into English

  • 1.Rachel a travaillé chez Ford comme comptable pendant 7 ans.
  • 2.Rachel a travaillé chez Ford comme comptable pendant 7 ans avant de trouver une opportunité intéressante chez Google.
  • 3.En ce moment, Ellen habite New York, avant de déménager pour Tokyo pour travailler sur un tout nouveau projet.
  • 4.John habite à Seattle, il adore cette ville.
  • 5.Pendant les vacances, il va souvent dans les Montagnes Rocheuses.
  • 6.Summer habite à Cupertino depuis 2 ans.
  • 7.Summer habite à Cupertino depuis 2017.
  • 8.Summer habite à Cupertino depuis qu’elle a trouvé du travail chez Apple.
  • 9.Summer a habité à Chicago pendant 3 ans.
  • 10.Patrick a surtout fait de la saisie de données pendant son stage qui a duré 6 semaines.
  • 11.Lucinda va aller vivre à Londres pendant 5 ans pour faire des études de comptabilité afin de devenir expert comptable.

Friday, November 29th – Gr. A&B

2. Then do this activity about a cartoon.

Wednesday, November 27th

An overview of the English Tense System

Friday, November 22nd – Gr. A&B

The BTS CG oral exam is based on the presentation of a document, here is a worksheet on how to be able to talk about any kind of document. 

Use this form to comment upon the picture above.

Monday, November 20th

Friday, November 15th Gr. A & B

  1. Howlers – most common mistakes to avoid
  2. numbers and figures (to train yourself at home use this)
  3. useful vocabulary

if the exercises are too easy for you, or that you get really (really) bored, try reading the latest issue of the WSJ.

Friday, November 8th Gr. A & B

Subject 1 from May 2019