AP TL 2018-19


Special BAC recap


Monday, April 29th

Take a look at this link from USA Today from 2016 “90 facts about Queen Elizabeth II as she celebrates 90” and examine the various tenses used, try to classify and analyse them.

Monday, April 1st

NEW Places and forms of Power

Monday, March 18th

Either you work on the bac recap, or you may send me the commentary upon the painting about the Buffalo Soldier here or here.

Monday, January 21st & 29th + February 11th (Gr. A & B)

New notion ” Spaces and Exchanges”, first activity: Bob Marley and Rastafari

Monday, January 7th & 14th (Gr. A & B)

Quizzes about your relationship to technologies:

The quizzes are not interesting in themselves but they offer plenty of useful vocabulary and colloquialism to talk about the notion “The Idea of Progress”, take notes!

Monday, December 17th

reading classic stories in English :

Harry Potter

The Hobbit

Monday, December 3rd & 10th (Gr. A & B)

Current theme: The Idea of Progress

Monday, November 26th


  1. Exercise 1
  2. Exercise 2
  3. Exercise 3
  4. Exercise 4

Monday, November 5th – Group A / Monday, November 12th – group B

Take a closer look at : Myth and Heroes

Monday, October 8th – group A / Monday, October 15th – group B

1. Think about your favourite childhood (or present) hero.

2. Read about him/her on the web in English, collect useful material.

Monday, September 24th – group A / Monday, October 1st

  1. – Finish the exercise from last time.

Monday, September 10th – group A / Monday, September 17th group B

introducing oneself to the group +

  1. Durrells / the / holidays / on / be
  2. Corfu / they / on / be
  3. They /a / large / live / villa/ in
  4. receive / they / a / letter
  5. a / it / long / be / letter
  6. Hermione / it / great / be / from / Aunt
  7. and / she / come /want / to / with / stay / them
  8. not / she / in / good / be / health
  9. advise / a / doctors/ her / climate / warm

1.The Durrells were on holidays.
2.They were on Corfu.
3.They were living in a large villa.
4.They received a letter.
5.It was a long letter.
6.It was from great Aunt Hermione.
7.She wanted to come and stay with them.
8.She was not in good health.
9.Her doctors (had) advised a warm climate.

Make one long sentence out of all these short ones, using:

                as / while / because / who and commas.