BTS CG1 2018-19

Thursday, November 15th

Use this form to comment upon the picture above.

Monday, November 12th

The Circle on IMDB

Thursday, November 8th

  1. Read this text which makes abundant use of the passive.
  2. Do this exercise (read this first for some background)
  3. Finish the worksheet

Monday, November 5th

Thursday, October 18th

Prepare a little speech about something that you really like and know about.

It may be about a film, a TV series, a music band, a computer game, a sport, a country or place, a car, anything really …

The only condition is that you do your research in English and you take notes, I don’t want a translation from the French, so choose a subject about which you know you are going to find information in English. A good starting point can be which you need to set to give you results in English (choose UK or US) in both Region and Language and then use the search bar at the top of the page.

Monday, October 15th

Suits (TV series) on Wikipedia.

Thursday, October 11th  – Group A/B

Use these handouts as reference : Simple Tense Chart / Complete Tense Chart


Monday, October 8th

Text 2 : The disadvantages of Technology in the Workplace

Thursday, October 4th  – Group A/B

English for emails: skip some of the first items or tasks if you find them too easy and/or too repetitive but do as many units as you can!

Monday, October 1st 

Text 1 : Tips on Being Productive Working from Home

Thursday, September 27th – Group A/B

  1. possible correction for last week’s exercise
  2. numbers and figures
  3. comparatives and superlatives
  4. useful vocabulary

Monday, September 24th 

Text 1 : Tips on Being Productive Working from Home

Thursday, September 20th – group A/B

The BTS CG oral exam is based on the presentation of a document, here is a worksheet on how to be able to talk about any kind of document. 

Use this form to comment upon the picture above.

Monday, September 17th

Thursday, September 13th – group A/B

Check you English with Brian – don’t just rush through the questions, THINK and TAKE some NOTES!

Monday, September 10th

Thursday, September 6th – group A/B

General introduction and an outline of the history of the English language

=> reading :