AP 2nd 2018-19

Activity 6

Quizzes about your relationship to technologies:

The quizzes are not interesting in themselves but they offer plenty of useful vocabulary and colloquialism to talk about the notion “The Idea of Progress”, take notes! If you enjoy quizzes here is one more, try to do it in English : 16 personalities.

Activity 5

  1. Adjectifs composés: réfléchir à leur formation
  2. Affixes et suffixes
  3. comparatives and superlatives

Activity 4

Listening comprehension

The Bear and The Dragon by Tom Clancy (American accent, extract from a spy novel)


Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling  (British accent, extract from the first chapter of the first volume)

Bonus => you may download the full books in epub formart =>

Activity 3

Check and improve your vocabulary:

  1. Everyday objects
  2. Accessories
  3. Appearance 1
  4. Appearance 2
  5. Around town

Activity 2

Irregular Verbs

Quelques conseils sur mon site pour apprendre les verbes irréguliers

matching exercice

a strange day, a story told using irregular verbs

Activity 1

  1. révision des bases
  2. numbers and figures
  3. comparatives and superlatives
  4. A black list of frequent mistakes