TL 1 2018-19

Monday, January 14th

To what extent does technology contribute to human progress? Support your arguments with examples. (300 words)

=> a couple of interesting paragraphs found on

Technology is essential for human progress as human abilities are finite needing to be enhanced by cooperative technology.  Advances in medicine, communication, information, transportation, etc … are only possible because of technological progress.

For those who would argue that technological progress can be dangerous I posit that technology always has to be managed by humans as there is always a systemic risk with technology either through misuse or temporary ignorance of consequences.

Technological advancements span all the sciences from biology to aerospace.  Technology is essentially amoral, it is up to humans to manage it for the common good as the possible risks are usually known up front or categorized in short order as scientists deepen their understanding of the new inventions.  In the end is it is a human societal question as the technology is ambivalent.

Thursday, January 10th

Bac Blanc expression écrite légèrement adapté du sujet Liban 2016

Tuesday, January 8th

Do you know The Matrix?

Well, those 2 animes below are a kind of prequel to this universe, they belong to the Animatrix collection, and fit nicely in the notion the idea of Progress:

Thursday, March 15th

Monday, January 7th

Brush up your tenses!  use this chart as reference

1. Rachel a travaillé chez Ford comme comptable pendant 7 ans. Rachel WORKED at Ford as an accountant for 7 years.

2. Rachel a travaillé chez Ford comme comptable pendant 7 ans avant de trouver une opportunité intéressante chez Google. Rachel HAD WORKED at Ford as an accountant for 7 years before finding an interesting opportunity t Google.

3. En ce moment, Ellen habite New York, avant de déménager pour Tokyo pour travailler sur un tout nouveau projet. Right now Ellen IS LIVING in NYC before moving to Tokyo to work on a new project.

4. John habite à Seattle, il adore cette ville. John LIVES in Seattle, he loves this city.

5. Pendant les vacances, il va souvent dans les Montagnes Rocheuses.He often goes on holiday in The Rocky Mountains.

6. Summer habite à Cupertino depuis 2 ans. Summer HAS LIVED in Cupertino for 2 years.

7. Summer habite à Cupertino depuis 2015. Summer HAS LIVED in Cupertino since 2015.

8. Summer habite à Cupertino depuis qu’elle a trouvé du travail chez Apple. Summer HAS LIVED in Cupertino since she found some work at Apple.

9. Summer a habité à Chicago pendant 3 ans. Summer LIVED in Chicago for 3 years.

10. Patrick a surtout fait du café pendant son stage qui a duré 6 semaines. Patrick mostly made coffee during his work placement which lasted 6 weeks.

11. Lucinda va aller vivre à Londres pendant 5 ans pour ses études dans le but de devenir architecte. Lucinda is going to study in London for 5 years to become an architect.

With My very Best Wishes for 2019

Monday, December 17th

Getting ready for the “Expression Ecrite” of your Bac exam.

Subject : “How do you personally use new technologies and how does it influence your life?”

Today new technologies are present in most people’s lives especially in the form of a smartphone.

People use their smartphone everyday for many purposes sometimes up to an extent where it becomes an addiction.
Personally I use my phone every day. It starts in the morning where I use it as an alarm clock then for some loud music to get up and running.
Then I check my social network apps, my favorite at the moment is twitter, during my breakfast. There I find some news about current affairs and also some jokes or gossips. Later on I check my notifications again, between two classes (being very careful not to get caught in the corridors). Then at the end of the day I take a selfie with my English teacher and I post it on my Instagram account. 

Monday, December 10th

The Circle on IMDB

Entry point to the new notion “The Idea of Progress”

=> Define and characterize  your relationship with your smartphone.

Monday, December 3rd 

The Circle on IMDB

Monday, November 26th

Thursday, November 8th

The Circle on IMDB

Tuesday, November 20th

A. Reformulez les phrases anglaises suivantes en employant un auxiliaire de modalité.

  1. Certainly, Tina knows that smoking is forbidden
  2. Certainly, Tina knew that smoking was forbidden.
  3. It is possible that Tina didn’t know that smoking was forbidden.
  4. The Masked Avengers were probably the best band at the concert.
  5. Brian forgot his own address. That’s incredible.
  6. Perhaps she is right after all.
  7. It is probable that the fire started in the kitchen.

B. Traduisez en privilégiant l’utilisation d’un modal, un forme de substitution sera parfois nécessaire.

  1. Il se peut qu’il soit trop tard.
  2. Elle peut courir longtemps sans se fatiguer.
  3. Il a pu oublier.
  4. Elle n’a pas pu oublier.
  5. Il peut préférer rester chez lui après tout.
  6. Ils n’ont pas pu faire une telle erreur.
  7. Elle a dû recevoir ma lettre. 2.
  8. Il faut qu’il parte avant la fin de la réunion.
  9. Ce n’est pas la peine que tu restes.
    10.Il ne faut pas conduire si vite.
    11.Ça ne doit pas être très difficile.
    12.Ce n’était pas la peine que tu te presses.
    13.Vous avez dû rêver.
    14.J’ai dû changer un pneu.
    15.Est-ce qu’ils ont pu le vendre?
    16.Il a fallu qu’il penne le train de sept heures.
    17.C’était dangereux, il aurait pu se casser un bras.
    18.S’il avait dix-huit ans, il pourrait voter.
    19.La tâche des enquêteurs pourrait être difficile.
    20.Il se pourrait que leur équipe gagne la coupe du monde.

Monday, November 19th

Thursday, November 15th

A “BAC” in 2 hours based on this subject (with correction, download the PDFs).

Monday, November 12th

Stanislav Petrov, the ‘man who saved the world’

Tuesday, November 6th

Monday, November 5th

Holiday Homework

If you haven’t done it already: finish the work on the Reported Speech, just find the correct verb for each sentence in ex. 4 => check what you did using this activity

Tuesday, October 16th

finish the work on the Reported Speech, just find the correct verb for each sentence in ex. 4

=> check what you did using this activity

The Real Life of Superheroes by Dulce Pinzon

Monday, October 15th

Download the worksheet: Reported Speech

  1. Bev asked Duncan what they should do so he comforted her by telling he had a plan.
  2. The headmaster thanked everybody who had helped with the fair and announced the school would now be able to buy two more computers thanks to the good results of the fair.

Tuesday, October 9th

Use this form to comment upon the picture below. You may also do it on paper of course. Deadline: Friday night.

Monday, October 8th

Theme : Myth and Heroes

The real story of the Superheroes Bernabe Mendez from the State of Guerrero. Works as a professional window cleaner in New York he sends 500 dollars a month.
Bernabe Mendez from the State of Guerrero works as a professional window cleaner in New York, he sends 500 dollars a month back home.

Photographer : Dulce Pinzon

Series : The real story of Superheroes

Source :

Tuesday, October 2nd

The Bac subject from June 2018, examine carefully the possible solutions and grading.

Monday, October 1st

The Bac subject from June 2018, read the 3 documents carefully

Complete with the verb WRITE in the right form

Allan          songs to impress girls when he was a teenager.

Allan            for years on this old typewriter.

Allan            , be quiet!

Allan          three novels before becoming famous.

Allan             poetry, he is a poet.  

Allan            (also)  six novels.

Allan          his fourth novel when he got the Booker prize.

Allan          for years when at last a publisher phoned him.

Tuesday, September 25th

A webpage I built from several sources about MYTH & HEROES

Monday, September 24th

Write ONE sentence for EACH tense (4×2) around the notion “Myth & Heroes”

Tuesday, September 18th

A black list of frequent mistakes 

Monday, September 17th

Complete with the verb DRINK 
He…………………… on Saturday night with his friends Bill and James.
He ……………………  whisky now, that’s really not like him.
He …………………… at the time his wife left him.
He…………………… . He is an alcoholic.
He …………………… before he finally left the pub.
He ……………………. Look at him, he is such a state!
He …………………… before he drove home!
He …………………… three pints of Guinness.

Tuesday, September 11th

Monday, September 10th

Tuesday, September 4th

General introduction and an outline of the history of the English language

=> reading :