1 ST2S (1&2) 2018-19

Activity 5

Monday, January 14th

Quizzes about your relationship to technologies:

The quizzes are not interesting in themselves but they offer plenty of useful vocabulary and colloquialism to talk about the notion “The Idea of Progress”, take notes! If you enjoy quizzes here is one more, try to do it in English : 16 personalities.

Tuesday, January 8th

Monday, December 17th

Adjectifs composés: réfléchir à leur formation

Affixes et suffixes

comparatives and superlatives

Tuesday, December 11th

The Circle on IMDB

Monday, December 3rd

CO Compréhension Orale => Méthode COGrilles officielles d’évaluation CO LV1 et LV2

Listen to each of these audio clips 3 times, take some notes, and prepare on a paper a text in French about what you have understood.

Lost Parrot

Live football

Sick of packaging

Cooking classes

Wild turkeys

Choosing a computer

Tuesday, November 20th

Monday, November 19th

Un article en français pour du “background” sur le nouveau sujet.

Read the online graphic novel Madaya Mom

(if the link doesn’t work download the pdf file)

Tuesday, November 13th

Tuesday, November 6th

Monday, November 5th

English for emails: skip some of the first items or tasks if you find them too easy and/or too repetitive but do as many units as you can!

Tuesday, October 16th

Tuesday, October 9th

Monday, October 8th

Use this form to comment upon the picture below.

Thursday, October 2nd

Theme : Myth and Heroes

The real story of the Superheroes Bernabe Mendez from the State of Guerrero. Works as a professional window cleaner in New York he sends 500 dollars a month. http://www.dulcepinzon.com/
Bernabe Mendez from the State of Guerrero, works as a professional window cleaner in New York. He sends 500 dollars a month.

Photographer : Dulce Pinzon

Series : The real story of Superheroes

Source : dulcepinzon.com


Sujet de Bac juin 2018  et proposition de corrigé

Tuesday, September 25th

Sujet de Bac juin 2018   => check your understanding of the texts using Deepl.com

Tuesday, September 18th

Sujet de Bac juin 2018

Tuesday, September 11th

Sujet de Bac juin 2018

Méthodologie de la compréhension de texte, une fiche du site de l’académie de Grenoble

Monday, September 10th

Check you English with Brian  (for those who found this exercise difficult you should try this activity)

Tuesday, September 4th

General introduction and an outline of the history of the English language

=> reading :