Thursday, May 18th



For those who haven’t taken their oral exam yet see below:

Thursday, May 4th

Myth and heroes + Madaya Mom + your hero

Spaces and Exchanges + The Beach (text + film) + your favorite destination

The idea of progress + Hidden Figures + your favorite piece of technology.

Thursday, April 13th

Getting ready for the oral exam, the 4 themes:

Myth and heroes

Spaces and Exhanges

Places and forms of power

The idea of progress

Thursday, April 6th

Typical mistakes NOT to make anymore => make a personal list!

Thursday, March 23rd

BAC exercise

Thursday, March 16th

  1. How to revise Irregular Verbs
  2. A strange story told using Irregular Verbs

Don’t forget to check this at home to get ready for your exam on Monday, March 20th!

Thursday, March 9th

My photos of “les 100 jours du bac”

If the Internet connection is good enough we can try to do this :

 => How to get ready for the oral comprehension exam of Monday, March 20th

otherwise let’s do that :

10 written assignments exemples :

  1. Does the consumer society destroy spiritual life ?
  2. « Cinema » . What does the word suggest to you ?
  3. Relate one of your best childhood memories.
  4. If you have to move to a foreign country, which one would you choose to live in ? Say why.
  5. There should be limits to the freedom of the press. Do you agree ?
  6. The USA tends to have a strong influence on the European way of life. Can you explain why ?
  7. In our modern world, is it better to live in the country or in a big city ? Illustrate your point.
  8. Your opinion, what is the best way to bring up a child ?
  9. What is your idea of a good life ?
  10. You are to spend a few years as a student abroad. Before leaving, write to a close friend telling him or her about your hopes and fears and trying to imagine to what extent living there will change you.

Choose ONE and prepare a draft.