Tartan: Morag’s account

Each blank space corresponds to a single word, when the word is a verb you find it given between brackets (), otherwise you need to guess it using Tartan.
It (be) last year, on a cold winter morning, I (wake) up early because of the noise made by the and also because I didn’t (feel) safe without my husband at home with me. He (leave) a few days before to (spend) some time in the hills (take) care of the new . (look) through the window I (see) four coming ashore from the ship they (anchor) in the bay. I (decide) to (hide) in the rocks above my house where I (watch) them (kill) my neighbour’s . I (be) terrified but when I (see) them (go) into my house I couldn’t help wondering what they (do)in my house. Silently I (come) back to my house and (watch) them while they (eat) my good . Suddenly one of those big brutes realized I was standing by the door and I had to run away in a hurry. I (stop) only when I (be) out of breath but (be) relieved to (see) that they (have) not tried to (follow) me but anxious for poor old Siobhan who (mourn) her grand-son in the house next to mine. At least the Vikings (seem) to respect death because they didn’t (take) anything from her, not that there (be) much to take anyway. Then they (go) to Malcolm’s house and (remain) there for quite a while, by that time I (meet) with a group of men from the village who were wondering what Malcolm was up to. When we realized that the Vikings (head) towards Duncan’s house we (understand) that Malcolm (want) to use the Viking to (settle) his business with Duncan. What a horrible thing to do! But so typical of that scheming bastard! Fortunately Malcolm’s oldest son (display) more courage than most adults around and (win) the Vikings over with his clever behaviour. In the meantime Alasdair, my husband’s brother, (kill) the drunk Viking. The three remaining Vikings didn’t (seem) very upset when they (discover) his body and (go) back hurriedly to their , laden with Malcolm’s tartan and two sheep. Old Siobhan who is a bit of a witch (utter) one of her maledictions so that they would (perish) in the sea. We never (hear) from them again.