A List of Birds in Shakespeare

A Dictionary of Birds in Shakespeare (arranged alphabetically)

An Index to Birds in Shakespeare (arranged by plays and poems)

An Index to Bird names (with cross-references)


A Dictionary of Birds in Shakespeare

(arranged alphabetically)

Nb. of


"Bird species"

as they are most often cited by Shakespeare

Proposed identification

1 Barnacles Barnacle Goose
1 Bunting Corn Bunting
4 Buzzard Buzzard
16 Chough Chough
31 Cock domesticated Bankiva Cock
4 Cormorant Cormorant
38 Crow Crow
22 Cuckoo Cuckoo
8 Daw Jackdaw
1 Dive-Dapper Little Grebe
60 Dove Turtle Dove
11 Duck any Anatidae, prob. the Mallard
40 Eagle Golden Eagle or White-tailed Eagle
2 Estridge Goshawk
1 Eyas-musket young male Sparrowhawk
2 Finch any Fringillidae, prob. the Chaffinch
44 Goose Greylag Goose or its domesticated variation
3 Griffin the mythical winged beast or the White-tailed Eagle
1 Guinea-hen female of the domesticated variation of the Wild Guinea-fowl
10 Gull any Laridae, more probably any unfledged bird
2 Halcyon Kingfisher
1 Handsaw Grey Heron
3 Harpy the mythical winged ceature
35 Hawk and Falcon Accipitridae and Falconidae
3 Hedge-Sparrow Dunnock
5 Jay Jay
18 Kite Kite
4 Lapwing Lapwing
29 Lark Sky Lark
1 Loon any Diver or the great-crested Grebe
2 Martlet House Martin
30 Nightingale Nightingale
2 Night-Raven Bittern
2 Osprey Osprey
1 Ostrich Ostrich
2 Ousel Blackbird
36 Owl any Strigidae, and the Barn Owl
11 Parrot possibly the Ring-necked Parakeet
2 Partridge Grey Partridge
6 Peacock Peacock
3 Pelican White Pelican or Dalmatian Pelican
2 Pheasant Pheasant
21 Phoenix the mythical bird
5 Pie Magpie
15 Pigeon Feral Pigeon
2 Quails Quail
31 Raven Raven
8 Rook Rook
3 Ruddock Robin
1 Scamels probably the Bermuda Petrel
1 Snipe Snipe
12 Sparrow Sparrow
1 Staniel Kestrel
1 Starling Starling
7 Swallow Swallow
17 Swan Mute Swan
2 Tercel male Peregrine
3 Throstel Song Thrush
5 Turkey domesticated Wild Turkey
8 Vulture possibly the White-tailed Eagle
1 Wagtail Grey Wagtail or Pied Wagtail
10 Woodcock Woodstock
10 Wren Wren
1 Wry-neck'd Wryneck