Nine Mile

Nine Mile, situated high in the mountains on the beautiful island of Jamaica, is a small friendly village tucked away in the parish of St. Ann. This quaint hamlet is known as the birthplace of Bob Marley. And it is in this very same place that he was later laid to rest.


As many have found, a trip to Nine Mile renews faith in some of the important elements of life. Elements that constantly influenced Bob Marley and are reflected in the lyrics of his songs. If you are ever in Jamaica, we would like to personally invite you to come see, come be... with Bob Marleyand his family at Nine Mile.

On your journey to Nine Mile you will enjoy breathtaking views while absorbing the natural beauty of the tranquil Jamaican countryside. Look out for the more than 200 species of flowering plants and indigenous trees.

Nine Mile is owned and operated by Bob's family. It is not unusual to find his mother, affectionately called Mother B, personally greeting visitors, sometimes even being persuaded to relate stories of her sons childhood. And, if not Mother B, there is always Uncle Lloyd who is never too far away or too busy to tell tales of young Nesta.

Reservoir The tour operators' goal is to ensure that all visitors to Nine Mile are well informed of the history of Bob Marley as they partake in the many cultural experiences the village has to offer. The staff is pleasant, accommodating, courteous and friendly. Their goal is to make all visitors feel like friends and family, which is the way Bob would have wanted it.

Bob's House

On the tour, you will enjoy the brilliant and evocative music Bob Marley gave the world. An authentic Rastafarian guide will share with you the natural world of Bob Marley's birthplace, a meditative getaway from the grind of his strenuous career. The tour also touches on the childhood house, the natural kitchen, the "Mt. Zion Rock" (Bob's meditation spot), the "Rock Pillow" (made famous in the song "Talking Blues"). The guide will also share with you information on Marley's later years and on his move and subsequent life in Kingston. The highlight of the tour is walking through the beautiful mausoleum, Bob's final resting place. You will be moved by the calm as you step into the beautiful mausoleum where Marley is laid to rest.

Our Nine Mile tour will introduce you to a community that helped influence one of the greatest musicians of this century. It will leave you with a better understanding of a young man, whose vision helped change the thoughts of people worldwide. No small achievement for a man who often spoke of his respect for the simple rural life. Respect that helped guide his life. Respect instilled during his youthful days in the small mountain village locals still call Nine Mile.

Regular tours are available from Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, and Kingston. Hotel pick-up is available. For further information contact your hotel service desk while in Jamaica, or contact one of the addresses listed below:


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